Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your honest and constructive feedback is very important to us and, during this pandemic times, knowing your level of satisfaction is even more crucial for us.

It will give us the opportunity to keep looking for ways to improve your college experience at IBT College.

What is your official schedule?*

2.  My Instructor . . .

Simulated my interest in the subject*
Managed lesson time and pace well*
Was organized and prepared for every class*
Encouraged discussions and responded to questions*
Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of subject*
Appeared enthusiastic and interested*
Used a variety of instructional methods to reach the module objectives (eg. group discussions, student presentations, etc)*

3.  My Instructor . . .

Was accessible outside of class*
begins the lesson on time, according with my official schedule.*

4.  Assessment and feedback

The syllabus was explained to me or facilitated through the portal, at beginning of module.*
The module was delivered as outlined in the syllabus.*
My instructor explained the grading criteria of the module.*
Projects/Assignments were related to the module learning outcomes*

5.  Assessment and feedback

Exams really explore the material covered in the lessons and books.*
I received feedback about projects, tests and marks within the expected timeframe.*
The feedback provided was done in a constructive way (eg. how to improve my work)*

6.  Resources and Admininstration

Resources for the module were useful and meaningful (books, handouts, etc)*
Transition to online lessons was not very complicated*
The onine lessons have not significantly affected my learning process*
I like the digital book better than the hard copy and I'd like to keep this format even when we're back to the campus*

7.  On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), what mark do you give to this module?


To assign the mark, please consider all these factors:

- Quality of instruction,
- The relevance of the topic vs your field of study,
- Material and resources given to you,
- How current the information you were taught is,
- How much you enjoyed the module.

Please rate this module*

8.  Student Self Evaluation

I contributed constructively during in-class activities*
I feel I am achieving the learing outcomes*
The number of hours I spent per week on preperation/homework for this module is:*
Any further constructive comments